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Category: Decorative Panels

Old Barrels – A fusion between design and tradition


The Old Barrels collection features wood reclaimed from local wine producers.

Historically, the wine was stored in giant wood barrels, so that the natural aroma of grapes is preserved and enhanced by the wood tones and smells. However, these barrels were expensive, as they required hard work and a lot of time, causing a lot of them to be unused and left in old barns. We saw it as an opportunity for recycling.

We went from producer to producer, retrieving wine barrels, treated the wood, and created this collection. Each piece has a charisma of its own. The purple tones are created by years of wine storage and the antique feeling of the wood is real, as most barrels are over 20+ years old.

This collection isn’t just history. It’s also a little bit of every producer, of every wine that was stored in it, of every grape picked on early mornings. It’s a part of everything that composes the wine industry.

All of these panels are made using traditional carpentry methods. Each individual piece is enhanced by the touch of experienced carpenters and artisans.

You choose the sizing. Talk to us and we’ll adapt the sizing, creating seamless unions. The maximum panel thickness is 40mm. Individual panel dimensions up to 244cm by 122cm.