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Category: Decorative Panels

Wood and Textile


The wood and textile collection first appeared when we were challenged by a local fashion store to design an environment. When we had the idea to use fabrics, we immediately realized the infinite possibilities of what we could create.

The next step after the idea was to create: what could we use? Our first idea was the chita textile (or chintz, in English). This is a traditional Portuguese textile that was widely used as a decorative element for clothes and other purposes. This panel is characterized by the white and blue chita, contrasted with white-painted wood.

The manufacturing process is completely artisanal: the first step is applying the textiles to the wood. We use a textile bonding glue that has great thermal and humidity resistance that also protects the textile. The textile is applied to a wood board with this glue, ensuring the long-term quality of the ink in the textile. After that, the board is cut down in strips of various sizes. These strips are then joined together with various types of wood, also cut down in strips. In the end, our artisans rearrange the textile and the natural wood, creating a thoroughly and carefully placed pattern.

The panel can be made in any size, depending on the purpose. Since we’re working with wood, they can be applied on every interior surface: furniture, doors, walls, you name it!

We can also work with different textiles. For example, if you have a fashion brand and you’d like to decorate your shop, we can use old textiles to recreate your items. Talk to us and we’ll help you create the perfect environment for your shop!


  • High-quality materials and textile prints
  • Maximum size: 244x122cm
  • Thickness: 12 to 30mm
  • Detailed and careful hand manufacturing
  • Available with various varnishes and paints.