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Category: Decorative Panels

Slat Panel – Wood Walls with a timeproof design


The Slat panel collection is a modern, contemporary wall design collection that uses the contrast between woods for a great aesthetic effect. Combining perfectly with Scandinavian design, these pieces are composed of pine/walnut strips balanced with a dark background, creating a simple but powerful play of tonalities. Plus, the design looks beautiful and simple.

The Slat Wood panels are handmade and customized for every order. This way, your project can look like each strip was applied directly on the wall for better integration.


Manufacturing the slat panel


It all starts with obtaining the wood. We supply our pine or walnut strips from local producers that work with sustainable timber only. Every board is analyzed for rot and humidity damage so that we can avoid flaws in the manufacturing process.

After we obtain the boards, we cut them down into thin strips. Our carpenters analyze each strip for balance and curvature and, if they pass the test, they’re moved onto the application.

The application uses an MDF basis with slots for the wood strips, which means each one needs to fit with millimetric precision. After applying the strips, we scan them for flaws and apply the requested finishes, if needed.


  • Solid walnut stripes using an MDF basis for creation.
  • Unique size: 60cm x 60cm
  • Thickness (MDF+ Stripes) : 27 mm.
  • Several patterns are available.
  • Not every piece is the same: every wood has its unique tonality