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Category: Decorative Panels

Ceramic tiles – Colorful, tridimensional ceramics


The 3D Ceramic tiles collection takes the Portuguese ceramic industry to a new level.  Using creative and irreverent formats, these ceramic wall tiles are characterized by their solid, stand-out design. This collection has a single purpose: to create truly beautiful ceramic pieces that will complement any type of architectural design, whether it is a small home or a skyscraper.

The inspiration for these pieces is found all around the world. Waves, clouds, flowers, and other natural elements were recreated as clay and animated by amazing, vivid colors. You can observe this in the watery-blue shade of the PICO tile, which was inspired by the sea colors in the Azores.

Manufacturing a tridimensional tile


The manufacturing process unites traditional and contemporary design. Design starts in virtual form, where its aesthetics were developed in a practical way. Then, it was translated into a traditional manufacturing process, where talented and experienced workers constantly scan the pieces for flaws.

Each tile is created from clay, a sustainable material that is abundantly available. In the workshop, the ceramists shape it through a combination of hand and machined processes. At this stage, the piece is shaped and solid. However, it still lacks color and resistance, which comes in the next two phases.

Now, it’s time for color. Our process allows for any color to be chosen. Each piece is completely or partially covered in a mixture of powder and water, which we call glazes. A glaze is a substance that, when subject to intense temperatures, transforms into a vibrant and glass-like texture. After the piece is painted with a glaze, it’s time for firing.

Firing is the last and most difficult part of the process. It consists of heating the glazed clay pieces to intense temperatures (some over 1000º C) so that the clay solidifies and the glaze transforms itself into the glass, creating the ceramic glossy look.

Application of these tiles is easy, as they fit between each other seamlessly, allowing for infinite repetition. Different and interesting walls can be originated in almost every project, as different tile colors create different moods.

Tile sizes vary according to the customer’s requisites.

All colors are available.