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Wall Partitions


The Wall Partitions collection is exactly what the name says, but so much more at the same time. It’s a way to design a room just how you want. It’s a way to add glamour to hotels. It’s a way to create privacy in the office. It’s design, comfort, and class in one piece.

Our wall partitions are manufactured using mechanical carpentry techniques, high-quality medium density fibreboard, and any paint of your choosing.

What’s the manufacturing process?

The process starts with the design. As you can see in the image gallery, we have some patterns you can pick. However, we’re open to new patterns and designs of your choosing. This helps you achieve the environment you wish to create.

When we have the design, it’s time for the second stage: machining. We use precision CNC machines that translate the designs to a board, which is detailed by computer-controlled drills. This creates the carved board with the structure we want.

Now, it’s time for sanding. You would think this is an easy process, but this is how we differ. After machining, we sand it. Then, we add a primer and sand it. After that,  we paint the panels in any color of your choosing (RAL, NCS, and Pantone). We sand it again. We love sanding (arms kinda hurt a little bit after, though).In the end, you have a panel that has been worked by precise machines and experienced carpenters. This double quality check ensures the perfect look we achieve in any of our room dividers.

What about sizes? Glad you ask. We can do dividers up to 4 meters by 2 meters. Thickness is something between 15mm or 20mm, depending on what you need.

The standard fire rating is B2. However, we can improve it to B1 if needed.

Available without finishing.