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Category: Decorative Panels

Recycled Panels – A way to re-use wasteful materials


What is this?

The recycled panels collection is a series of surfaces that are made from natural wastes and other materials that can’t usually be recycled.  We developed a way to combine these wastes and transform them into boards or pieces with a great look and durability, which is what we call “the recycled collection”.

What is the process and what materials do you use?

The process is quite simple: we recover the materials, treat them and create a board from them. Then, we can provide the material as a board or keep transforming it according to our concept.

The answer to the materials we use is quite simple: every single one! We have created panels from the earth, shattered glass, coffee grounds, and other natural wastes. This means that we’re able to create decorations from materials that you want but can’t find, such as eucalyptus.

Do the panels have an aroma?

Yes! Each panel has a characteristic smell that is natural to the material. The coffee grounds panel, for example, will remind you of fresh ground coffee in the morning each time you walk by it.

Can you transform these panels?

It depends on the panel. Some with smoother materials, such as lavender and coffee, are easily worked on. In these cases, we can use CNC machines and carpentry techniques to transform them. But if the materials are harder, like glass or stone, they’re almost impossible to cut with precision.

What are the other characteristics?

We don’t have a standard dimension. Instead, we work by project, creating custom sizes for each one.

The grain and texture of the panel depending on the material. The coffee grounds panel is very smooth, similar to MDF. On the other hand, some other panels with thicker and harder components might be rougher. You can see some photos of the textures here

We can use every material.

Production time is around 30 days plus shipping.