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Category: Decorative Panels

Origami Panels


The Origami collection is a series of decorative wall panels, created for relaxing environments. Using patterns inspired by natural elements, such as flowers or the ocean, the designs feature a calming balance between the detailed, small pieces that compose them.

The manufacturing process of these origami panels makes the best of the machine and handmade manufacturing. It all starts with raw MDF and a thin, high-quality wood veneer, which is machined for the curvy, clean pieces we see in the designs. Then, experienced artisans apply these small pieces, one-by-one, on a custom-sized panel. One square meter can contain over 400 different pieces. Each piece is arranged in contrast with the next one, creating a game of shadows and balance that enhances the natural beauty of these panels.

This collection is perfect for all sorts of projects. The details observed are an indicator of attention and quality, as the overall look creates a calm, smooth environment. The wood veneers range from light, pale browns to dark tones, which join together well with fine furniture.

Custom sizes available, up to 2440mm by 1220mm. We guarantee seamless unions between panels.

Various finishes are available. If you’d like a custom wood finish, talk to us. We’re open to new patterns and veneers.