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Category: Decorative Panels

Mini-texture – High precision, detailed wood patterns


The Mini-Texture series is a symbol of innovation and precision in woodworking. Using natural or painted woods, this collection features lines obtained with millimetric precision, which is only possible through a  multidisciplinary design process that includes great attention to detail, carpentry know-how, and computerized programming.

The patterns featured in this collection are meant to create environments with a sensation of elegance and equilibrium. As these patterns get thinner, you’d expect a loss of quality, but every line is balanced with each other and no detail is left behind.

This collection is meant to fit in all sorts of spaces. From clean straight lines to decorative patterns, the uses for these designs are infinite. You can use it as a headboard or as a wall panel for an entire restaurant. You can choose a different color for a completely different mood. The options are endless.

The materials used vary. For the ones who enjoy raw wood, we work with ash wood. This is a straight grain and beige-to-light-brown wood with great durability, that joins together well with fine furniture.

Optional finishes like varnishes and stains are available.

If you want something more customizable and colorful, we use high-quality MDF to create mini-textures that can be painted in any color of your choosing.

Sizes up to 2440mm by 1220mm.

Thickness between 18 and 24mm.