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Category: Decorative Panels

ECO- Vine (white)

Eco vine – designing through sustainable solutions


The Eco vine is a panel made from trimmed wastes from local vine fields.

Once or twice a year, grapes are harvested for wine production. When they’re harvested, wine producers usually trim the ends so that the plant can regrow in a controlled way. This is called the poda, in portuguese.

When the ends are trimmed, there’s a lot of wasted wood that could be reused. We asked farmers what they did with it, and the answer was nothing, since it can’t be reutilized for agriculture. So we decided to use it for design, as we did with pretty much every material we could find.

The manufacturing process


It all starts with retrieving the trimmed pieces from local wine producers. The closer they are, the better, so we can create a helping system to our community.  Then, we take it to our factory, where it’s time to transform the panels. This is where we do our magic, joining together the trims with high strength bio-adhesives. In the end of the process, you have a solid panel of big dimensions, ready to apply in your next project.




Materials used: vine trims and bio-adhesives.

Sizes: custom-made for each order

Flexibility: non-flexible

Sustainability: 100% bio-degradable, sustainable and recyclable.

Finishes and colors: we can paint the panel in multiple colors (RAL, NCS or Pantone)