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Encaustic Cement Tiles

Encaustic Cement Tiles are often intricate tiles made by inlaying different types of clay to create a particular pattern. This is different to other types of tiles which paint the pattern onto the surface of the finished tile.

Floors made with these tiles are considered more valuable and impressive. This is especially true when the floors are taken care of and restored with care.

Even though these floors are intricate in design, they don’t have to be particularly difficult to clean every day. There are some regular care steps that are a bit more labour intensive, but the standard, day-to-day maintenance of encaustic floors is pretty straightforward.

Sweep and mop just like you would with any other ceramic flooring, preferably using neutral, sulphate-free detergent. Remember to rinse well with plain water so you avoid leaving a soap residue, which can be a hazard.

These types of tiles are suitable for

  • Bathrooms
  • Hallways
  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms


Our range of Encaustic Cement Tiles are handmade tiles inspired by traditional Moroccan designs.  Encaustic tiles can be used on both walls and floors.

The following ranges are square tiles which are 20cm x 20cm. There are 12 of these tiles per box.

Ashley Pattern  have bold monochrome floral design

Bloomsbury Pattern  have a more gentle floral design on a pale grey background.

Chelsea Pattern Encaustic Cement Tiles have a star design. They can be used by themselves or as a border for patterned tiles.

Cordoba Pattern Encaustic Cement Tiles have a circular design in a retro style.  They have teal coloured floral shapes with geometric stars.

Marrakech Pattern Encaustic Cement Tiles are inspired by traditional Moroccan designs. They have elaborate patterns mixed with a subtle colour scheme.

Toulon Pattern Encaustic Cement Tiles have an elaborate bold design on a chalky blue colour scheme.