For the natural wood lovers, this collection of floorboards can be oiled or varnished

The Oiledor Varnished Raw wood aspect finish does not change the colour of the raw wood.

The Durock varnish is an ultra-performance varnish which multiplies by 5 or 8 the tests in the abrasion and in the shear failure. It is ideal for areas with high-traffic as museums, shopping galleries, stores etc.

This finish is available on the following floorboards

  1. GO2 Sanded
  2. GO2 Sanded Brushed
  3. GO2 Sawed Brushed
  4. GO0 Hardly Brushed
  5. GO0 Old-looking Brushed
  6. GO0 Old-looking Hardly Brushed

The Durock Varnished is not available on the

  1. Sawed floorboard
  2. Hardly Brushed floorboard
  3. Old-looking floorboard