Solid and Engineered Parquet Flooring

We supply both solid and engineered parquet flooring. Both types use the same origin wood so there is no difference in quality or appearance.

The solid parquets are 23m, 22m or 20 mm and can be nailed or glued.  The 14 mm solid parquet can be glued only. The solid parquets have no floating installation.

The 20.5mm engineered parquets can be nailed or glued. The 11mm and 16mm engineered parquets can be glued in full surface bonding or in floating installation.

They are recommended in particular places with high altitude or seaside and holiday homes which are not permanently inhabited.

Only some of the parquets are suitable for low temperature floor heating. These are

The 11mm and 16 mm engineered parquet flooring

The 14mm solid parquet width less than 110mm

The engineered parquets 11/140 mm are suitable for use with a heating floor and new generation cooling floor.
They have an anti-dew point.