Slate Floors

At Design Emporium we have a wide range of slate flagstones, tiles and slabs for floors. Slate is suited for both interior and exterior projects.

This natural stone is available in black, charcoal, grey, tones. Other shades and colours may be available depending on the finish required.

We can supply and fit slate with the following finishes:

  • Riven
  • Worn
  • Smooth

This type of stone can give a modern, classic or traditional look to any room. It is particularly suited to:

  • Hallways
  • Kitchens
  • Dining rooms
  • Conservatories
  • Living spaces
  • Patios and outdoor garden areas

Slate Flagstones For Floors

The collections featured here are from Ca Pietra Stone  in Willtshire England. This is just a selection, other ranges and styles may be available.

Moleskin Slate  are particularly suited to contemporary design projects.  The tiles are available in random sizes from approx. 50cm.

Radcliffe Slate  are available in brick or hexagon pattern. They are available in two sizes, 40cm x 60cm and 60cm x 90cm. These tiles have low tonal variation.

Shepton Slate  have a smooth worn finish. Unique patterns and designs can be created as these tiles are available in random sizes.  They are suitable for most modern contemporary projects.

Trevail Slate  are hand split solid blue black tiles. They are large format and are available in random sizes from approx. 50cm.