Dansani Bathroom Furniture Curvo Collection

Discreet elegance and simple beauty are the main features of this collection. They have been designed to be user friendly and practical with a simple elegance. The straight smooth handle free fronts are softened by gently curved corners. The units are available in lacquered matt white and matt graphite grey.

This collection is available in the following designs

A vanity unit with a porcelain washbasin and drawer

This unit has a full width fixed narrow aluminium shelf.  In the drawer there is a rubber mat to stop the contents moving as the drawer is opened and closed.  An adjustable divider gives endless possibilities of design combinations.  The hands free drawer opening feature is both practical and convenient. Just give the front a light push to open. The vanity units are available in 90 cm and 120cm wide versions.

A tall cabinet with a full length mirror

This cabinet has multiple aluminium shelves with a front edge.  The shelves are located on the swing door. When the cabinet is open, the full length mirror is on the back wall.  The cabinet is 35cm wide and 140cm high.

A mirror cabinet with multiple adjustable shelves

Personalise the shelf layout and combinations. Energy efficient LED mirror lights are built in. Other features include a shaver plug socket, a sensor switch, adjustable aluminium tumblers and an adjustable makeup mirror.  The mirror cabinet is 70cm high.