Vintage Collection 400 Tinted Floorboards

This is our newest collection of tinted floorboards and we have 11 colour variations. These tints are obtained in a traditional way by the interaction of reactives with the wood tannin.  As each piece of wood reacts differently, the end result is not uniform in colour. This gives each floor a unique and individual look.

This finish is suitable for oiled floorboards in the following ranges

  • GO2 Sanded and Brushed
  • GO0 Sanded Hardly Brushed
  • GO0 Old – Looking Shelled Brushed
  • GO0 Old – Looking Shelled Hardly Brushed
  • 410 – only GO2 Sanded Brushed Varnished

Light Toned Tinted Floorboards

Warm Toned Tinted Floorboards

Dark Toned Tinted Floorboards