Natural Wood Floors

Grand Large XXL Wide Natural Wood Floorboards

Wide big floors inspire strength and character. They are a symbol of the perfect alliance of up to date techniques and traditional knowledge and skills.

These wide floors are only available in engineered floorboards 21mm thick with a facing of 6.2mm. The widths are between 250mm and 450mm.  The lengths are between 3000mm and 4500mm and chamfered 4 edges.

All factory finishes are available.

Grand Large XXL wide wooden flooring Design Emporium Dublin

Parquet wooden flooring is the floor covering that most people dream about using for their home. Its remarkable longevity and its beauty are universally recognized.

Its beauty can be preserved for many years by following our simple recommendations.

Care of an oiled parquet

Wait 48 hours before moving items onto the flooring and 10 days before placing down any carpets. Place protections (skates) under the feet of your furniture.

Regular cleaning

Dusting can be done with a vacuum cleaner or a soft pad. A microfiber mop used with a special natural soap will help clean and protect your parquet. Depending on the amount of footfall / usage, you may need to apply a small quantity of maintenance oil once or twice a year. When applying, you will need to let this dry for 3 to 5 hours without walking on it, to allow the oil to penetrate and protect your parquet.

Care of a varnished parquet

Regular cleaning: wash with a soft and protective cleaner by means of a high quality microfiber mop. The varnish can be protected from scratches by the application of a restorer.