Laminate Wood Floors

laminate wooden floors are the next step up from engineered wood flooring. It is an easy to maintain type of floor which is suitable for high traffic areas.  In recent times, laminate flooring has experienced a rise in popularity as an alternative to natural wood floors.

Parador Laminate flooring is made from almost 100% wood. A wide range of formats, installation types and joint patterns make this a very versatile type of floor.  The floors can be a mix of high density wood fibreboards with stone, concrete and other materials.

These types of floors combine functional composition with the most up to date technology.  The click system ensures simple and fast installation.  Sturdy connections which ensure an accurate fit are an important feature of these floors. The top layer is made of melamine resin to give a wear resistant and durable finish.

Laminate floors are low on emissions and allergens. The floors we supply and fit are certified by LGA and Blue Angel.

Laminate Wooden Floors

Parador Laminate flooring is available in various plank styles, depending on what design or pattern is required.

Parador Basic range is suitable for underfloor heating. This floorboard has swell resistant core bands.

Parador Classic range has a micro scratch resistance finish. It also has excellent conductivity which reduces the risk of electrostatic charge from the floor.

Parador Trendtime range has a special core board which provides twice as much swell protection as conventional laminate flooring.

Parador Eco Balance range is made using sustainable production methods.

Parador Edition is the premium range created by a selection of designers.